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Live Auctions

The live auctions we run have generated millions of dollars for the charities and organizations we work for. We not only provide all the services, but we also provide the auctioneer, bring additional high-value collectable items, and build the excitement of the event in order to raise as much money…

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions can raise as much or more revenue than live auctions. So, to have the most profitable event possible, make sure you have both. We’re experts at making your silent auction a success. Here’s what we do for you: Set-up & Display Bang the Gavel works hard to ensure the silent auction looks as good as it is…

Auction Services

How can an auction help you raise more money at your event? There are 2 main types of charity auctions: live auctions and silent auctions. We provide our auction services at no cost to you…and handle all the details for the auction portions of your event. Remember, your organization does not have to do a thing! Bang the…

Come to the Auction

Helps Charities like yours raise money by making auctions Easy! Watch our Live Auction Video, or see a list of our prior auctions. Then, call us at 805-496-4969 x225 or click the “Contact Us” button.

Your Donated Items

Organizations like yours usually have the ability to get donations from your members or local business. Your organization retains 100% of the monies from the sales of items that were donated to your group! But don’t worry, we’ll still do all the work. Our user-friendly, web-based Donated Item System (DIS) allows us to: Print…

Add Value To Your Event

You might get dozens or hundreds of items donated by your generous members and community. But let’s not stop there. When Bang the Gavel runs your auctions, we bring even more items to help you raise even more money. Bang the Gavel will augment your organization’s items with selections from our…


Bang the Gavel’s Sellers program gives sellers of unique, interesting or valuable items a new avenue for selling their products at auction without the difficulty of organizing, marketing and running your own auctions. We Wrote The Book On Consignment Discover what it’s like to do business with us by reading the Bang The Gavel…

About Come to the Auction

Bang The Gavel Auction Services is dedicated to helping charity groups throughout the country reach their charitable goals. In the past decade, Bang The Gavel... Click here to continue reading.

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